Maze Grips



Maze are the single side lock-on grips which offer the locking feature but without a plastic core under the whole length of the grips. The hard plastic sleeve is only on a short distance below the single lock-on ring. This way you keep all the advantages of the lock-on grips, such as staying in place safely, ability to remove them quickly and easily and preventing the mud to get under the rubber. Whilst retaining a much lighter weight and thick rubber for better comfort without increase of the outer diameter. The pattern of the rubber is made of the thin and soft lines creating a kind of the labirynth shape. Perfect for the Enduro and All Mountain but great also for Dirt Jumping or even Downhill in dry conditions


Length: 137mm
Diameter: 32mm
Weight: 107g (w/aluminium side caps), 101g (w/plastic side caps)

miami vice, sea lemon, black, turquoise, green, red, purple, graphite
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